Closing The Marketing Cycle – Practical Lessons

Closing The Marketing Cycle – Practical Lessons

If at any point you’ve thought about starting your own online business, you must have turned to Google. You must have looked up tips, tricks, and accounts of like-minded entrepreneurs who tried their luck and succeeded in advertising their businesses online (and some who haven’t – the real lessons are there!).

Whether you have or have not, the underlying lesson’s nevertheless important – closing the marketing cycle and understanding the monetary value of your leads, how much you’ve spent to earn them, and essentially the analytics working behind the scenes is paramount to your ability to expand and pursue new business.

Leads – The Seeds of Business

We rely on leads to drive our businesses forward, and capturing those lucrative leads and generating conversions is on the mind of every modern digital marketer. As the literal seeds of your business, leads are crucial to keep your business viable. But how did we capture those leads? Which keywords did we trigger to convert? How much did it cost? Are we spending too much for every lead when we could acquire just as many for less? In sum, these are the questions digital marketers ought to ask, and more importantly communicate to the client!

Effective Communication = Happy Client

Communicating effectively with your client is, we believe, equally as important as doing your marketing job right and hitting your targets. Thus, being able to close the marketing cycle and attribute a monetary value to everything the client’s spent hard-earned money on is key to customer satisfaction. If a client, much like you and I, is able to understand how he is receiving leads, how much it cost him, and what value he’s extracted from them, you can bank on your retainer getting rightfully extended!

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