Our MSS Method and Why it Works

To standardize our approach to sales and digital marketing we’ve authored the MarketIN-Sales-Success (MSS) methodology, which optimizes each step of the Sales and Marketing processes based on research and relevant, value-adding KPIs. The method’s 7 steps are designed to provide the auditor with tools and guides to study, analyze, and affect positive change that will benefit the business subject. Transparency, measurability, and efficiency are the MSS method’s biggest strengths and have been shown to work with clients small or big, private and public.

MSS – The First 3 Steps

Step 1: Mapping

The first task performed when beginning the MSS optimization process is the mapping and examination of the client’s sales and marketing operations. The more thoroughly the person conducting the MSS examines and maps the client’s sales and marketing efforts, the better able he shall be at offering meaningful, actionable sales and marketing solutions to the client.

Step 2: Study & Analyze

The second step as part of the MSS optimization process is the analysis of the data we have gathered during the previous mapping stage. The questions we have raised during the mapping stage must be answered in order for the MSS process to continue uninterrupted. The analysis should initially examine the subject company’s strengths and weaknesses and present the findings to the client in a visual SWOT model at a later stage of the optimization process. Moreover, the study should examine the company’s digital assets – namely their website’s responsiveness and social media accounts’ brand consistency – and determine the degree to which each of those assets requires optimization.

Step 3: Presentation

The MSS methodology promotes transparency and active communication. As such, presenting the findings and analysis from the previous ‘study’ step to the client is crucial to the method’s ability – and the person applying it- to demonstrate his/hers understanding and command of the client’s business.

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