5 Important SEO factors to watch out for in 2017

SEO factors that contribute to a high SERP constantly change. The pursuit of a high rank on the SERP of any major search engine has forced SEO specialists to evaluate, test, and optimize their content, websites, and link profiles. Relevant, high-quality content is the new king, and native advertising has become the norm for many online publications, as well as blogs, that have grasped its true potential.

Since algorithms, as well as the general user’s needs and ability to quickly identify low-quality content, are in a constant state of evolution, SEO experts find that these SEO factors and tactics stand at the heart of SEO in 2017.

HTTPS Security

Search engines reward secured websites that offer encryption and a measure of safety to their users. With browser extensions directing users away from potentially unprotected sites coupled with user’s general disdain from sites with questionable security, fitting your website with HTTPS is a big leap towards better rankings and ensuring you’re up to speed with 2017 SEO factors.

Length Matters

Though the jury’s still out on the appropriate length of a piece of writing, certain universal guidelines still hold strong on our list for important SEO factors to take into consideration in 2017. Recent research by SEMRush strengthens our claim that quality, relevant content in the right length for your target audience is favorably acknowledged by search engines. Every industry is, of course, unique, and has an equally unique audience group with industry-specific requirements. A tech’ client of ours, recently promoting Quadcopter-related original content on his blog, has found that concise, data-packed entries work better for his audience than long white papers or case studies.

Traffic Speaks Volumes

Traffic from credible sources directed to your site undoubtedly increases its authority and strengthens its position in the SERP. However, in the Search Engine Land’s analysis of SEMRush research that we’ve referenced before, a new interesting find points to the fact that high-volume keywords benefit more from search traffic in terms of ranking. What really gives your website the edge, however, is traffic coming your way directly, which suggests a growth in your website’s popularity and likely expanding fan-base.

Links in Abundance

Quality, spam-free links in your link profile represent a decidedly important part of your website’s ability to rank high on SERP, and remain at the foundation of good SEO. Not only do such links send meaningful, relevant traffic to your site, it also works wonders in terms of solidifying your brand and establishing is credibility.

The User Knows Best

The old adage wherein an empty restaurant, albeit good, doesn’t attract clientele, is very much applicable to your website. In their analysis of bounce rates’ impact on SERP ranking, SEMRush has identified a correlation between a site’s position in the top 3 SERP positions and its relatively low-bounce rate. Low bounce rates, brought about by engaging, relevant content and superb UX and UI, are indicative of a website with a clear strategy and focused delivery.

Although these factors don’t necessarily guarantee a high SERP (then again, what does?), optimizing for them is sure to enhance your website’s delivery and delight your users through a memorable UX (user-experience).

Found or know about a factor we didn’t include in this list? Let us know in the comment section below, and optimize-away!

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